Empowerment Summit : Business risks & opportunity in a data-driven economy

Empowerment Summit 2019

3 octobre 2019
ECAL Lausanne

09:00 Opening keynote: Are you thinking big enough to prepare for what’s ahead?
Marci Harris – former US government – PopVox

​09:30 Companies’ current dilemmas: personalization, privacy, GDPR
Judith Duportail – Author – journalist
Nicolas Passadelis – Swisscom
Jean-Henry Morin – UNIGE

11:15 How others are making profit from your customers’ data Tristan Nitot – Qwant – Mozilla
Pierre-Olivier Dehaye – Cambridge Analytica whistleblower

14:00 How Fake news impact your business
Brett Horvath –
Serge Michel –

15:15 Using data & blockchain for human rights Dr David Bray – Institute for Human-Machine Cognition
Toufi Saliba – President Decentralised AI Alliance

16:25 Health data

16:55 Closing Keynote – The power of algorithms
Cathy O’Neil – Mathematician and New York times bestselling author

4 octobre : Empowerment Foundation Crans-Montana Summit
Centre des congrès le Régent – Crans-Montana


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