Webinar : 70th International GDI Retail Summit

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10.09.2020 - 11.09.2020
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How do I get a grip on delivery? Where can I actually meet my customers today? Will city centres transform from shopping areas to representational areas? Such questions will be answered by established industry leaders, innovative founders and thought leaders at the
70th International Retail Summit

Urban Retail 2030: Rethinking Spaces

Urban Spaces

  • Emmanuelle Hoss (Semaest) explains, how the right mix of shops enhances neighbourhoods
  • Kristian Villadsen (Gehl Architects) shows, how clever architecture creates liveable streetscapes
  • Thomas Sevcik (Arthesia) analyses the new urban economy

Retail strategies

  • André Maeder (KaDeWe) shows, how a traditional department store reinvents itself
  • Simona Scarpaleggia (Ingka Group, Ikea) presents, how to transform the workforce in a disrupted retail industry
  • Torsten Toeller (Fressnapf) gives insights into how his company evolved from retailer to innovative service provider
  • Samantha Klein (Walmart, Apple und Microsoft) knows, what millennials and Generation Z want
  • Markus Laenzlinger (Migrolino) reveals, how convenience will evolve
  • David Sandström (Klarna) predicts, that future will be cashless
  • Matt Heiman (Cocoon) describes, why subscriptions are the future way to shop
  • Bruno Maçães, author of “Dawn of Eurasia” and “Belt and Road”, presents, what the new Silk Roads will imply for trade and retail

New ideas for more sustainability

  • Paul Myers (Farm Urban) shows, how to supply fresh living greens to the local community
  • Uwe D’Agnone (Creapaper) proves, that grass makes the better packaging


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