Match Pictures

We exist to take traditional production methods and improve them to create evolved, flexible solutions. As a result, Match PIctures and its clients measure their success on their ability to produce projects in the most efficient and agil manner-maximising budgets, time and efficiency for a multitude of production-related projects and services.
We do this by providing the following services : Art Buying – Production Management – Production – Development – Production – Post-Production – Project Archival, on those diffferent supports: Advertising – Branded Content – Coporate and Experiential – TV/web episodes and a bevy of projects that strike our fancy (music videos, short films)
Film Production: Conception / Artistic processing and visual intentions / Video moodboard, storyboard and screenwriting / Production / Casting, Shooting, Interviews, Events / Movie Creation / TV, Web, Corporate
Video Design:
Special effects Creation / Motion-Design / Artistic and technical SFX design / SFX Supervising and directing / Sound & Picture Post-Production
Digital Events:
Broadcasting solution design / Wide and specific screens / 3D stereoscopic solutions / Video mapping projection / Digital Media Consulting / Instore TV conception and production

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